As I remember, this is one of my projects that has the most distant story. Let's go back to 2010, when I played trought Half-Life 2 and discovered the abilities of the Source SDK, I started to make a simple single player mod that called "Deadly life". Later I discovered I can modify the source code of HL2, so I started to make new entities, weapons and NPCs in it. A year passed with these little modding projects, and in 2011 I started to create a Sonic The Hedgehog based Online Multiplayer FPS game that called "The Hedgehog Multiplayer". It was a simple deathmatch game, but with Sonic characters. I tried to recreate the Sonic world and feel in the Source engine, but at that time I realized that my knowledge is not enough for this, so I cancelled the project, but I have some video footage of the mod that you can watch below:

After more practicing, in 2013 I started to make a multiplayer mod that called "Future Warfare", I thought it would be a bigger thing than my other tries. You can also see some videos below from the mod:

But in the middle of the development, I realized it has some unfixable gameplay mechanic bugs, so I saved the full source code for some future developing process. After this, the whole thing became the cited "PROJECT: Expiry" mod, which is in a half-completed status. The game has a little backstory too, briefly: The rebels seized weapons and fighted against the corrupted government. There are two finished game modes, Capture The Flag and Deathmatch. Plenty of weapons, various characters and Half-Life inspired levels and ambience.

The 0.6 Alpha version was released to the audience, and over 100 players took part in it. (I want to thank you all again for helping me! These people are not going to be forgotten.) A launcher was created too for the game. In the launcher you can browse servers, chat with your friends, modify the game settings and your character. After a few months the developing process got very hard and confusing without a correct Source Engine documentation. I tried to contact VALVe for a usable documentation but I never got any answer to my email. After 2 months of misery, I decided to cancel the whole project and my "adventures" with Source Engine. I don't throw away this game's idea or the files, but if I got any spirit to continue this project, I will start to recreate the whole thing in UDK or in Unity.

Stephen Miller © 2017